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Our Leadership Team


Eric Frazier - President

Safety, Security, and Stability

The future is quantum as we evolve our common understanding of entanglement. Decentralized computing systems and technologies help derive value with observable systems and solutions.

There's an ever-growing demand for data privacy across segments. We help solve for this with decentralized systems that are inherently more secure and philosophically sound. Putting all our data into the hands of a few is beginning to infringe upon our freedoms.

Here at Tensor Networks, we've spent years focused as a team on this challenge to help deliver fresh solutions with amazing efficiency and usability. With decentralized edge computing "Edge is the new Cloud".

Our Matrix-OS³ Platform with the SARAHAI™ and AI Ramp™ applications delivers high-performance decentralized solutions and services for privacy, safety, security, and stability. Popular with FinTech and DoD we'll deliver this advanced technology to the enterprise too.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Tensor Networks. We're working hard to deliver next-generation real-world solutions. Please let us know if you're interested in learning more.


Robert Zhu - Vice President

Future Enthusiast

Our resident EE and 30 year industry veteran keeps us focused on value and always doing the right thing for our customers.


Bill Walker - CTO

A Single Dad

Bill calls it like it is. A non-gimmicky approach to technical solutions that deliver real-world value based upon real-world experience. Bill's a problem solver. He's deployed technology to battlefields, under the sea, and into space. International experience and perspective.
Leads by example. The world could use more of this.


Kendall Frazier - Secretary

An Artist at Heart

When not busy with meeting minutes, board meetings, and corporate documents, Kendall enjoys spending time in the great California outdoors. Hiking in the Sierras or surfing in Santa Cruz. Kendall insists on keeping Tensor focused on people and environmental value.


We Support the American Red Cross