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A Force Multiplier - Keeping People Safe and Life Moving

SARAHAI™ developed by Tensor Networks is risk mitigation and real-time intelligence analysis for processing, exploitation, and dissemination.

Crime reduction, occupational safety and hazard management, and the avoidance of negligence. 


Keep Eyes on Mission. Use the SARAHAI Platform to Monitor Hundreds or Thousands of Feeds. On Premise or in a Private Cloud.

Defense, Public Safety, Fire Departments, Emergency Operations, Private Security, and Insurance companies have limited resources to prevent situations.

SARAHAI™ helps those that help us. Humans can not really watch dozens of video feeds with attention. SARAHI™ helps humans to focus on situations that need attention.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin

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Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart Infrastructure Integration

SARAHAI™ is Situational Awareness Response and Help

SARAHAI: Our Technology
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