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The Situational Awareness Response and Help AI

Dear Prospective Partner,

There is an outstanding business opportunity with Tensor Networks and our SARAHAI (Situational Awarenss Response and Help AI) platform.

The timing might be opportune because…

We’ve been awarded Federal IP with exclusivity for State, Local, Education, and Utility. Basically all the public infrastructure in the USA and territories. Dept. of Justice enforces infringement. This IP is for object tracking and autonomous pan tilt and zoom.

Now, together we can create an amazing eco-system around public safety, security, and stability that everyone can be a stakeholder in and add their value to.

We're licensing SARAHAI to OEMs, ISVs, and MSPs to support their customers.

The right partners like you can be useful for our fast scale, and rewarding for you as prices are lowest at this ground-floor point in time.

If you want to get in on this and have SARAHAI capabilities with your product or service, please sign up now.

There’s plenty of dollars to go around too with $1.7T in Federal stimulus. We need you on board to help your customers obtain grants for safety, security, and stability. This will help us to scale fast and get everyone on the SARAHAI bandwagon driving more opportunity for you. 

We have the rights to autonomous PTZ and anyone in security will tell you that a Fixed field of view is lame. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford a PTZ operator. With SARAHAI now they can, and at a massive scale.

We have the patent for this autonomous PTZ for the state, local, education, and utility segments.

Imagine, how much better life will be when the creeps have to worry, and not your wife or daughter.

SARAHAI will help to improve economics everywhere by creating a better opportunity for all with safety, security, and stability. Risk reduction also means lower costs.

SARAHAI utilizes existing video feeds from anywhere, like on street lights and public infrastructure and ads artificial intelligence to alert stakeholders on important matters. SARAHAI is an open architecture; so our partners can add their value too.

This presents an amazing big data and insights opportunity to avoid problems and associated costs that is so wonderful that it’s glorious!

Let’s have a discussion. What’s your availability?

Thanks in advance, -The Tensor Networks Team.

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