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The Strategic Core with Exclusive Pattern of Life Analysis

Gather streaming video data from existing infrastructure for safety, security, and stability. The artificial intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. Our goal with SARAHAI is to use Patterns of Life to improve human-machine interactions for public safety, security, and stability.

SARAHAI Framework

Pattern of Life (PoL) analysis improves upon Current data science applications that focus on analytics from text, imagery, and numerical data for pattern classification, time-series trending, and manifold learning. These methods are data-driven, without clarification of context-defined and mission-directed focus. Activity-based intelligence techniques seek to constantly monitor streaming data from a single source to determine trends such as target tracking.

SARAHAI EdgeAI MicroNodes can feed mission-directed focus to the Patterns of Life Estimation Machine for modeling a pattern of life (POL) by processing both categorical data and non-categorical data (e.g., numeric, spatial, etc.), conducting pattern of life estimation (POLE), and detecting anomalous data in a multi-dimensional data set in a substantially simultaneous manner by comparing statistical POL results.

Excellent use cases can be derived for Defense, Federal and State Natural Resource Management, Sustainability, and Environmental Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, Code Compliance, Department of Transportation, Utility Planning, Medical Research Advances, and much more.

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SARAHAI Pattern of Life Analysis

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