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  • Eric Frazier

Green Tech is Smart Tech

Modern processing capabilities are vastly different than only 5 years ago. Modern processing driven by multi-tenant cloud services has evolved to include an abundance of computing cores. For example, it's now common for processors to have 16 or 32 cores. This essentially represents 16 or 32 separate computers within a single processor. With virtualization, these cores can be set up as virtual machines and can be assigned to run specific applications like networking, firewall, video encoding, etc. independently. This allows network administrators to converge multiple appliances traditionally implemented within an enterprise branch office to a single appliance that's capable of running all of these applications within virtual machines across multiple cores.

This methodology reduces licensing, support, hardware, and energy costs by 90%. With acceleration technologies like GPUs or FPGA's these capabilities within the same appliance advance even further. For example, high-performance computing to support artificial intelligence applications and services can be enabled within the same networking appliance. A single appliance running multiple applications and services within virtual machines sharing resources is referred to as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Most importantly this doesn't require specialized hardware it supports common off-the-shelf hardware referred to as COTS empowering with choice. This is green and smart.

The drawback of this is that all the configuration and tuning is difficult and will typically require a system administrator to implement a secure Linux image, and then all of the virtualizations and containerizations of applications and services requiring many hours, and if you're running a small business the cost of these professional services may cost too much upfront and ongoing. Plus ongoing support of a custom configuration could also be a challenge. This essentially hinders a captive market from escaping to better solutions and creates the lockin and high prices by large and hugely profitable traditional vendors.

Tensor Networks' Matrix-OS is a turn-key alternative to enable convergence and to create more value and more opportunity to create value with the technology and from the technology to improve business operations. Download Matrix-OS and try it out today.

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