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  • Eric Frazier

High Speed Connectivity as a Public Service

In general, our freeways and road systems are vast and hugely expensive to build and maintain. These pathways of motor freedom do however promote commerce and trade. This spurs huge economic benefits and equal opportunities to find and perform work and to participate in the economy. So much so that the public supports the significant costs for this equality of freedom almost without question. Great roads mean opportunity and freedom.

In this day in age high speed unhindered and unlimited data connectivity is just as if not more important. What would be the argument against this logic? Local authorities can contract or themselves build and maintain jurisdiction-wide high-speed data connectivity for safety, security, and stability for everyone in the community. This is a real infrastructure project and solution that would be hugely popular.

Access to high-speed connectivity for everyone just like getting onto a freeway is the most important public works project imaginable. Such an endeavor would deliver massive societal benefits for marginal costs.

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