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Avoid Problems Before They Happen

99% of Video Surveillance Systems are unable to detect patterns and situations that require human intervention to prevent property loss and harm. Our flagship product, SARAHAI, is designed to let stakeholders and concerned parties know in advance of a pattern or anomaly that requires attention for situational awareness. Humans simply cannot keep up with vast amounts of sensor data. Humans get bored and have short attention spans. With SARAHAI, artificial intelligence algorithms will analyze video and other sensor data across hundreds or thousands of devices much more efficiently and cost-effectively than any human or legacy system can hope for. From image classification to natural language processing and machine training. Experience the power of SARAHAI and unlock the full potential of AI technology with Exclusive Autonomous Camera Tracking and Pattern of Life Analysis Technologies to reduce risk and cost in your operations.

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COTS  AutoSentry
Reference 10X Cost Reduction, and 100X Safer



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SARAHAI is 10X More Efficient and 100X Safer.

Austere and Contested Mission Augmentation.

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