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 Decentralized Wavicle Field Systems





A Decentralized Edge-AI Safety, Security, and Stability Application

SARAHAI™ is an acronym for Situational Awareness Response and Help AI. The system is inspired by the orchestrated objective reduction theory.

Everyone deserves to be Safe! Especially our most vulnerable. 

SARAHAI™ works with existing video camera infrastructure and leverages accelerated processing nodes to scale performance. 

Over 100 trained AI inference models and growing.



A Decentralized Elastic Compute Application

AI Ramp - Distributed elastic computation services for scale-up and scale-out participation that maximizes the value of data processing assets across the chain. AI Ramp enables impressive HPC systems for less with extended life-cycle.

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With Matrix-OS³

Our decentralized edge-computing platform includes virtualization, L3-7 data networking, security, and development tools all in an easy turn-key implementation.  You can deliver solutions fast.



A Platform for the Decentralized Edge that Installs in about 5 minutes

Matrix-OS³ was developed specifically to deliver highly secure and robust decentralized edge-computing.

Decentralized edge-computing creates a platform for secure next-generation applications and services.

You can start with SARAHAI and AI Ramp. These are decentralized edge computing applications. See more details below.



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A Decentralized Edge-Computing Node

The Tensor Networks' AI Ramp Core is optimized for the massive acceleration of video inferencing needed for streaming analytics of infrastructure solutions, automation, and protection with convolutional neural networking. With two AI Ramp Core management servers, you can cluster up to 768 AI Ramp Cores for supercomputer-level performance.



A Decentralized Service Mesh Edge-Computing Solution

LAN and 5G WAN connectivity for Data Gravity solutions. Extended temperature range operations and connects to existing infrastructure, cameras, and traffic systems to the SARAHAI platform.



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