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Pattern of Life Analysis and Kernel Density Estimation

The Tensor Network Revolution:
 PoLA can Analyze Real-Time Sensor Data from GPUs, CPUs, and other Hardware Identifying Anomalies and Patterns

The Tensor Network Revolution:

 PoLA can Analyze Medical Images

like MRIs and CT Scans Detecting

Abnormalities and Tumors.

Kernel Density Estimation ( KDE )

can Aide in Disease Diagnosis

and Treatment.


The Tensor Network Revolution:

PoLA can Flag Unusual Data Points,

Allowing Focus on "Normal" Patterns

Avoiding Errors Caused by Anomalies.


The Tensor Network Revolution: 
KDE can be used to Generate
Synthetic Data that Resembles Real-World Data, Augmenting Training Datasets.

SarahAI Solutions

We take Big Data and/or Edge Sensor Data for Pattern of Life Analysis and Leverage Tensor Networking for Entanglement Predictions 

 EDGE COMPUTING on modern server room background. Information technology and business conc


Edge AI is an efficient and cost-

effective software designed to

be easily used on smartphone 

and camera for proactive vs.

reactive surveillance

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Pattern of Life Analysis (PoLA) is a technique for identifying and analyzing patterns in behavior 

to increase safety and security by reducing risks in crime, business, healthcare  and finance. 

Tensor networking involves breaking down high-dimensional tensors into networks of smaller, interconnected tensors. This technique makes handling complex, multi-faceted data more feasible, as it reduces the computational complexity that comes with high-dimensional spaces.

The Tensor Network Revolution: 
Predictive Maintenance: PoLA can analyze sensor data from industrial machinery to predict potential failures and schedule preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and cos

SarahAI Use-Case Examples

The Tensor Network Revolution: 
Recommender Systems: KDE can estimate the distribution of user preferences to personalize product recommendations and improve customer engagement.

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The Tensor Network Revolution: 

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