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Add Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Object Tracking, and Big Data Analytics to your Legacy Surveillance System for much less than a new system.

SARAHAI™ is a fully integrated enterprise solution that scales with an optimized cost per sensor for better safety, security, and stability.

SARAHAI™ adds bolt-on AI to existing surveillance systems across hundreds or thousands of cameras and sensors.

With patented technology SARAHAI™ is designed for Emergency Operations Centers, Security Operations Centers, Utility Operations Centers, and Smart Cities including Street Lights, Smart Buildings, and Intelligent Traffic Systems up to a massive scale.

Licensing and Tier 2 support is available to OEMs, ODMs, ISVs, and MSPs.

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Full Kubernetes

"SARAHAI™ is a modern containerized solution on premise or in the cloud"

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AI Ramp

SARAHAI™ at Massive Scale for Enterprise-Wide Situational Awareness

Cloud transactions can be expensive at scale. AI Ramp is a private cloud alternative.

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