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PoLA Use Cases

Unraveling the mysteries of the Universe requires tremendous amounts of data analysis. With Pattern of Life and Kernel Density Estimation, NASA can detect anomalies in the normal areas of interest.

Sustainability Scientists
PoLA Use Cases

Patterns of Life enables conservationists, natural resource managers, and climate analysts to analyze the environment and its well-being with astonishing detail.

Medical Researchers        PoLA Use Cases

Patterns are evident in standard functioning systems throughout all existence, from the Universe to DNA. Anomalies can signify areas of interest and research.

IoT and Social Media
PoLA Use Cases

Smartphones and smart devices like watches are IoT devices with their applications and social media, and they are some of the largest and most profitable users of Patterns of Life technology.

Autonomous Vehicle 
PoLA Use Cases

Autonomous vehicles and Intelligent Traffic Solutions need Pattern of Life Analysis to function correctly.

Generative AI
PoLA Use Cases

AI needs to be trained in machine learning to infer from patterns. Patterns of Life is essential to Generative AI.

Data Networking
PoLA Use Cases

Reveal deep network insights in patterns to identify anomalies for capacity planing, and cybersecurity.

Knowledge Graph
PoLA Use Cases

Knowledge Graphs reveal that we're all connected with Pattern of Life Analysis

PoLA Use Cases

Unmasking Stealth: Pattern of Life Analysis & Kernel Density Estimation. PoLA is originally military technology.

Global Health
PoLA Use Cases

PoLA and KDE can help detect viruses and pandemics

Smart City
PoLA Use Cases

The future of urban living will consist of automation for safety, security, and stability, providing a better experience.

Stop IP Theft
PoLA Use Cases

Counter intelligence and the protection of your valuable trade-secrets is more critical ever in our competitive global economy

PoLA Use Cases

Improve EDA Tape-out times by implementing Pattern of Life Analysis with Kernel Density Estimation into your process.

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