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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The secret to happiness is progress. Change is automatic. Progress is not. Progress is the result of conscious thought, decision, and action. We're here to help you on your HPC, Cloud, and Edge journey. Please review our website to find more information and to contact us with questions.

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The Edge-AI Operating System

Edge, Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Data Science, and HPC


Situational Awareness Response and Help SarahAI

Localized at the Edge Accelerated Smart-City Infrastructure Solutions with GPT-3 and NLP for Safety, Security, and Stability


The Network

In this era of “Too Much Data”, it is imperative for all organizations to understand and have a plan for Edge Computing.  We discuss it all with Bill Walker, another old colleague from Sun Microsystems who is Chief Technology Officer for Edge Computing pioneer Tensor Networks .


Build the Best Smart-Infrastructure Experience with Tensor's Private/Hybrid AI-Cloud Building Blocks

Composable AI Core, Nodes, and Edge

Easily Scale-up and Scale-out Business Intelligence with Tensor's pre-architected and proven building blocks that just work.

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Building Block 1: Matrix Data Science Workstation

Big Data and Business Intelligence Building Block

A turn-key solution for data scientists and data science workloads to present key stakeholders with the valuable data they need when they need it.


Building Block 2: Matrix Data Science IoT

Indoor or Outdoor Video Inference Building Block

Outdoor or Indoor Video-Inference systems for smart building automation and infrastructure services and solutions.


Building Block 3: Matrix Data Science Router

Branch Office Edge-Computing Building Block

Branch office AI Inference for Secure Network Delivery and employee services for connectivity back to corporate and a mini-cloud solution for IoT devices. Full routing protocols and LAN/WAN connectivity.


Building Block 4: Matrix Data Science Node

High-Performance Computing Building Block


Building Block 5: Matrix Data Science Core

Machine Learning and Training Building Block


AI Ramp Technology

Autonomous Infrastructure Resource Allocation Management and Prediction

AI Ramp is a new feature included with Tensor Networks Building Blocks that revolutionizes enterprise datacenters by enhancing compute asset distribution based on demand.

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Commercial Building

Let's Build More Value

Developers, System Integrators and ISVs can build more value with new applications and services on top of Tensor Building Blocks.



The Network is the Computer when all the Smart-Infrastructure comes together

VR Gamer

Containerized Kubernetes Video Management

Tensor Networks Platform integration with Kerberos.io


Tensor Networks Wins Top Industry Award

NVIDIA Inception is an acceleration platform for AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.


The Tensor Networks Team

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Our passion for creating meaningful value for our clients is what sets us apart. The Tensor Networks team believes in the potential of our great idea, and it truly shows in all of our work. We work tirelessly in order to bring you a better tomorrow, and we’re proud of every single member of staff. To learn more about the incredible Tensor Networks team, please have a look below.

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Eric Frazier


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