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IT Security

Pattern of Life Analytics (PoLA) can improve IT security in a number of ways. By understanding the normal patterns of behavior of users and devices, PoLA can be used to detect anomalous behavior that may indicate a security incident.

Anomaly Detection

  • Unusual login attempts, such as from an unusual location or time of day

  • Abnormal network traffic patterns

  • Changes in file access patterns

  • Suspicious activity on user accounts

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Here are some specific examples of how PoLA is being used to improve IT security today:

  • Security teams are using PoLA to detect malware infections. For example, one security company uses PoLA to analyze network traffic patterns to identify devices that may be infected with malware.

  • PoLA is being used to detect insider threats. For example, one financial services company uses PoLA to monitor employee access to customer data to identify any suspicious activity.

  • PoLA is being used to improve the effectiveness of authentication controls. For example, one technology company uses PoLA to analyze user login patterns to identify users who may be using compromised passwords.

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