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Cloud Computing

Pattern of Life Analytics (PoLA) can improve Cloud Computing in a number of ways.

Google Cloud Platform

is using PoLA to improve resource allocation. For example, Google Cloud uses PoLA to identify times when demand for resources is high and scale up resources accordingly. This helps to improve performance and reduce costs for Google Cloud customers.


Amazon Web Services

is using PoLA to improve security. For example, AWS uses PoLA to detect anomalous behavior that may indicate a security incident. This helps AWS to identify and respond to security threats more quickly.

Microsoft Azure

is using PoLA to improve the customer experience. For example, Azure uses PoLA to understand the needs of Azure customers and personalize the Azure experience accordingly. This helps Microsoft to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


PoLA is a powerful tool that can help cloud providers to improve their services in a number of ways. By understanding the patterns of usage of cloud resources and the needs of cloud customers, PoLA can be used to improve resource allocation, security, and the customer experience.


Develop new and innovative services


Improve pricing


Personalize marketing campaigns


Improved resource allocation


Improved security

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