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Real-Time Camera Tracking with Optical Flow Feature points

Developed by Dr. Daniel Doyle at the Air Force Institute of Technology, and as a Technology Transfer from the Air Force Research Laboratory for Commercialization. Optical Flow Feature Points deliver High-Performance Computer Vision that's More Efficient and Performant on Lower Cost Computing. The SARAHAI Micro Node with Optical Flow Feature Points can Detect, Capture, and Alert, to Objects Across Electro-Optical Sensor Networks. The Micro Node can be implemented at Scale Affordably and be Managed with the SARAHAI AIoT Controller.

AI Machine Vision  Object Detection and Alerting in Only 15W for the Tactical Edge

SARAHAI at the Edge is able to independently  Detect and Alert stakeholders to Objects or Situations of Interest. 

  • Edge AI TPU ML Acceleration for Computer Vision Inference 

  • 1080P Day Night Vision

  • 63200 mAh Battery Bank

  • IPX7 Speaker and Microphone for Natural Language Processing Interactions

    • A Federated Edge AI Solution where all of the processing happens at the Edge independent of Cloud or Data Center connectivity​

    • An open architecture provides deployment options

Converge the Edge back into the SARAHAI Core platform to manage and monitor multiple Edge AI implementations

The SARAHAI AutoSentry Reference Architecture is a Force Multiplier

Optical Flow Example

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