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Edge AI Node with Object Detection Inferencing Software License.


Hardware Sold Separately. Raspberry Pi 4B 8G, Coral.AI USB, EO/IR Sensor.


Requires Edge Manager for management tablet. Download for Apple iPad or iPhone on the Apple Store. Search: AutoSentry: Edge Manager


Use Promo Code: "test" for developing, testing, prototyping, and demonstrating for your business.


HW Requirements:

Raspberry Pi ARM Cortex A72 4B 8G or better.

Coral.AI USB Stick

USB (EO IR) electro-optical infrared IP camera


Edge AI Hardware on Amazon


  • Raspberry Pi CanaKit:


  • USB Accelerator with TPU Cores


  • USB EO with IR Video Camera

SARAHAI Edge for Raspberry Pi

  • Tensor Networks’ SARAHAI Platform for Edge AI and Core AI System License Agreement

    In downloading and installing this software you agree to the end user license agreement. 

    To view the EULA see this link:


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