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SARAHAI: Revolutionizing Data Analytics


Per Processor Core License for Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM.


Requires Ubuntu 16.04 or later operating system.


Elevate Your Business Intelligence with SARAHAI

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Analytics


Key Features

  • Pattern of Life (PoL) Analysis: Unlock profound insights into behavioral patterns for strategic decision-making.

  • Tensor Networking: Efficiently manage and analyze multi-dimensional data with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Predictive Entanglement: Forecast future trends and scenarios with our cutting-edge predictive models.


In the evolving landscape of analytics, SARAHAI distinguishes itself from leading industry solutions like Oracle Analytics, Google Analytics, Azure Analytics, and AWS Analytics. This Analysis also compares top-off-the-shelf analytics solutions. This document compares SARAHAI's features with these top players, highlighting its competitive advantages and addressing the market opportunity.


SARAHAI vs. Oracle Analytics

  • Advanced PoL and Tensor Networking: While Oracle Analytics offers robust data visualization and business intelligence, SARAHAI’s integration of Pattern of Life Analysis and Tensor Networking allows for deeper multi-dimensional data analysis, providing more nuanced insights.

  • Predictive Entanglement: SARAHAI's Predictive Entanglement offers sophisticated forecasting capabilities beyond the scope of Oracle's predictive models, especially in anticipating complex interrelated future scenarios.

SARAHAI vs. Google Analytics

  • Broader Application Scope: Google Analytics excels in website and digital campaign data analysis. SARAHAI, in contrast, offers a broader range of applications, from operational data analysis to predictive modeling across various industries.

  • Real-Time Complex Data Processing: SARAHAI's ability to process and analyze complex, multi-dimensional data in real-time offers a significant advantage over Google Analytics, which is more focused on user interaction data.

SARAHAI vs. Azure Analytics

  • Customizable Tensor-Based Analysis: Azure Analytics provides a suite of cloud-based analytics services, but SARAHAI’s tensor-based approach is more adaptable and customizable for complex data sets.

  • User-Friendly Interface with Advanced Capabilities: SARAHAI combines a user-friendly interface with advanced analytics capabilities, offering a balance that Azure Analytics may not always achieve for non-technical users.

SARAHAI vs. AWS Analytics

  • Integrated High-Dimensional Analysis: AWS Analytics offers a comprehensive set of tools for big data processing and analysis. However, SARAHAI's integrated approach to high-dimensional data, combining PoL Analysis and Tensor Networking, provides deeper and more actionable insights.

  • Predictive and Real-Time Analytics: SARAHAI excels in real-time predictive analytics, a domain where it can outperform AWS Analytics, particularly in complex predictive scenarios.

SARAHAI's Competitive Benefits

  • Holistic Analytical Approach: SARAHAI’s integration of advanced analytical methods caters to a broader range of business needs compared to its competitors.

  • Customization and Flexibility: Offers tailored solutions for diverse industry requirements, setting it apart from more generic tools.

  • Real-Time, Actionable Insights: Its ability to deliver real-time insights with predictive foresight is unparalleled in scenarios involving complex data interrelationships.

SARAHAI's system and methodology is Licensed by the United States of America under U.S. Patent No. 11,308,384 exclusively to Tensor Networks, Inc. for the purpose of commercialization.

SARAHAI Core for Linux

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